Does Pure Barre Effective? Know the Pros and Cons Here!

Pure barre is a hot new fitness trend these days. It’s a ballet-inspired physical workout that is focused around the handrail used in ballet training – the barre, linked with a little bit of Pilates influence. Not only does it burn your fats and tone your muscles, but it also helps to correct your posture and balance.

beginner barre classes singaporeFor others, beginner barre classes singapore helps them to slim down and look a bit taller, that’s why many women got hooked in this kind of workout. However, just like any type of workout out there, there’s no perfect workout for everybody. To achieve your body goal, it is also important to follow a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle together with pure barre workout. If you failed in any of these, don’t expect that you’ll have a better result.

Before you proceed in any pure barre class, read first the pros and cons of this workout.

Pro #1: Lean and Tone Muscles

Pure barre is a full-body workout which gives any individual an incredible result. One of their motto is to lift, tone, and burn, that focuses on isometric movements. Doing this can help you work into your smaller muscles while producing to become slender rather than being bulky.

Pro #2: Low Risk of Getting Injured

Despite being a full-body workout, pure barre is a low-impact workout which puts zero pressure on your body joints. They use your own body and weights to lift and tone your muscles, so there’s no need to lift any heavy equipment or tools.

Cons #1: Expensive

Since pure barre uses a dance rehearsal or ballet room, please remember that the membership fee is a bit high compared to the gym. Besides, the more you get addicted to this workout, the more clothes you’ll need to buy to support your workout.