How to Do Sandblasting Right

Sandblasting is one of the easiest ways to quickly and efficiently clean things up. Although most widely used in commercial applications, there are multiple uses of sandblasting in your home. Sandblasting is a cleaning method that involves shooting minute particles or pellets from the air compressor at very high speeds. When these particles reach a surface, any debris such as old paint or rust will be blasted away. 

While the process of sandblasting is effective, a lot of potential errors are involved in the method. Sandblasting may cause damage to several surfaces. The most common mistakes homeowners make when sandblasting can affect their home improvement project. Some of these mistakes are even dangerous.   

How Sandblasting Works 

Sandblasting works through the very high speeds of small abrasive particles flying through the air. Clearly, they can cause some extreme damage to the skin, as well as other types of surfaces, if these particles can strip off the paint. Security precautions are a must when trying to do a DIY sandblasting project. 

Your foremost concern is to cover any skin that is visible. Because full-body covers are not something that all homeowners possess, they have to be bought at a paint supply store near you. There are low-cost covers are typically made of very thin cloth, sometimes paper, and that may not suffice. Be sure that you get a quality product for this purpose.  

Safety When Sandblasting  

Aside from overalls, another protective gear that’s required is gloves. Buy a pair of gloves that extend over the arms. Leather is the best choice. Make sure that there’s no skin exposed between the gloves and your arms. 

Your biggest concern is to protect your ears and eyes. You also have to wear goggles to shield your eyes. Nevertheless, full-face masks offer even more security. Masks with transparent pull-down shields are the best. If you play paintball regularly, the mask you wear when playing provides adequate protection. 

Sandblasting Best Practices 

Make sure that you’re out of sight when you’re using a sandblaster. Different devices use various levels of air pressure, which influences the degree to which particles are blown back to the user. Ask a qualified professional how far back you have to be to keep safe. If there’s nobody who can give you an answer, call the product manufacturer. 

Be sure that you have sufficient self-protection. Keep animals and individuals away from the areas where you work. Let everyone in the house know that until you’re done, they’ll have to stay away. This is for their own safety. 

Sandblasting Materials 

A large number of materials can be used for sandblasting. Although some of them are available only to professionals, some of them can be bought by DIY handymen. Such particles have very different levels of hardness, which makes them suitable for different kinds of projects. Consult with an expert in sandblasting Miami to know more about what kind of material is best the task that you have in mind. They should be able to give you accurate information when it comes to these things.